Specifying tanks and storage systems for
hazardous liquids? Choose Forgeweld
for lasting peace of mind.

Thanks to the loyal support of customers who absolutely have to rely on their storage tank supplier, we have grown since 1963 to become one of Africa's leading manufacturers and suppliers of both underground and aboveground fuel and liquid chemical storage systems.

Propelled by this strong support in Southern Africa, we are rapidly expanding globally, exporting quality, cost-effective petrochemical tanks and fuel storage solutions all over Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East and Asia and Australia.


Forgeweld's mission is to be a leader in fuel storage systems by providing environmentally friendly, innovative, cost-effective, internationally accredited products and services.

Advanced fuel storage tank technology

We manufacture and supply a range of competitively priced, quality products for the safe storage of all hazardous liquids. These storage solutions incorporate the world's most up-to-date technology. Choose from underground fuel tanks and aboveground fuel tanks, as well as ancillary tank equipment.

Safety for people - and the environment

Fuel leakage from conventional storage tanks is typically caused largely by the corrosion of the tank wall, often as a result of substandard coatings being applied to it.

Fortunately Forgeweld (decades ago) recognized the need to manufacture a product that would offer the best possible system for the prevention of leakages resulting from corrosion.


We are accredited by international standards authorities, the SABS, and the United States Underwriters Laboratory, and can manufacture to European CEN standards.

Ancillary tank equipment and fittings

Our range includes ancillaries, sourced locally and from Hockmann-Lewis and Franklin Fueling Systems (USA), as well as from some of Europe's top manufacturers, including NUPI (Italy) and LAFON (France).

An eye on the environment

Forgeweld is determined to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments and is looking at ways in which the company can contribute to renewables technology.

Service to match our product excellence

Our high production focus is backed by excellent customer service.

We aim to supply our customers with the ultimate fuel storage solutions. And to demonstrate that profitability, concern for the environment and caring for people can go hand in hand.

For more details or to order, please contact a Forgeweld office near you.